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Marquell is a seasoned professional in the world of cheer and dance with an impressive 25-year journey as an enthusiast, performer, and coach. Over the course of nearly two decades, Marquell has dedicated himself to coaching at various levels, including youth, high school, and all-star teams, leaving an indelible mark on the competitive cheerleading and dance scene.

With an outstanding record of success, Marquell boasts over 200 national titles and numerous accolades, such as Best Choreography, Best Stunts, and Most Entertaining Team. His commitment to excellence extends beyond individual achievements, as he has also earned program awards, showcasing his ability to foster a culture of success within his teams.

Marquell’s passion for coaching transcends the boundaries of competition, as he takes immense joy in working with athletes from diverse backgrounds. Witnessing the progress and achievement of athletes as they conquer the goals they set for themselves is a source of fulfillment for Marquell.

Beyond the cheerleading arena, Marquell wears multiple hats, serving as an elementary school teacher in the local school district. His love for education is evident in the enthusiasm he brings to the classroom, positively impacting young learners’ lives. Marquell has also appeared on various TV shows, further solidifying his presence in the cheerleading and educational communities. With a vibrant and multifaceted career, Marquell continues to inspire and uplift those around him, leaving an enduring legacy in cheer, dance, and education.



























Hello! My name is Danielle; Office Manager stationed at our Sacramento location. My first introduction into the cheer and dance world was through my daughter who has cheered for 10+ years. I have a background in working with several non-profit organizations and greater Sacramento area school districts as a program coordinator. I have experience facilitating workshops centered around healthy eating and physical activity as well as coordinating health fairs with partner organizations. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition and food and hold a Master of Public Health degree.

I stumbled on this administrative position and was so happy that I interviewed! I am not sure how to express how much of a blessing it is to see athletes come in not feeling super sure about what they are getting themselves into or if they will fit in or have what it takes only to end the season with so much confidence. I am super thankful to be able to have front-row tickets to their amazing transformation. Since coming into this position, the staff has worked to improve the atmosphere and culture in our gym by ensuring there is always transparency with parents. I pride myself on delivering quality service and communication with the hopes of your experience being one of a kind. Thank you for trusting COA as your premiere cheer and dance gym! 


Leoneene is the epitome of dedication and passion, both as a COA parent and as a seasoned professional in the cheer and customer service industries. With over 15 years of invaluable experience under her belt, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role at COA.

As a parent involved in the COA community, Leoneene understands firsthand the importance of creating a positive and supportive environment for both athletes and their families. Her unwavering commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of her involvement, from cheering on the sidelines to actively contributing behind the scenes.

Leoneene’s extensive background in the cheer industry, coupled with her exceptional customer service skills, positions her as a vital asset in ensuring that every individual’s experience at COA is nothing short of exceptional. Whether it’s addressing inquiries, resolving concerns, or simply providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Leoneene is dedicated to making COA a standout destination for its customers.

Her dedication to excellence, coupled with her genuine passion for the sport and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, makes Leoneene an invaluable member of the COA team. With her on board, COA is poised to deliver unforgettable experiences and continue to thrive as a leading force in the world of competitive cheerleading.


I’m a former competitive gymnast and cheerleader and I began my coaching career in 1999. I have 20+ years of coaching experience including Men’s and Women’s competitive gymnastics, High School Cheer and gymnastics, and All-Star Cheer. I’ve coached all levels and specialize in tumbling. I have run programs for Gilroy High School, Morgan Hill Gymnastics, California Sports Center, Pinnacle Gymnastics, and Las Vegas Elements before joining the staff at COA Elite. I also run a volunteer-based non-profit organization called Sacramento Cheer Elite which is part of the Pride Cheerleading Association.


Michaela is an extraordinary individual whose passion for teaching cheerleading knows no bounds. As a dedicated instructor at the prestigious Top Gun All Stars gym in Orlando, Florida, she has nurtured countless young athletes, inspiring them to reach their full potential. With a keen eye for talent and a heart full of dedication, Michaela has helped shape numerous champions on the world stage.

Her journey in cheerleading has been nothing short of remarkable. As a world champion herself, Michaela brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as a coach. Her commitment to excellence is evident in every routine she choreographs and every athlete she mentors. Michaela has directed COA’s mid-season team for the past three years and each team has been undefeated on the competitive stage. 

What truly sets Michaela apart is her unwavering dedication to the growth and development of her students. She finds joy in witnessing their progress, both on and off the mat, and takes pride in the role she plays in shaping their futures. Now, as she embarks on a new chapter as the Competitive Cheer Director at COA, Michaela is excited to continue her journey of empowering young athletes and leading them toward success in the exhilarating world of competitive cheer.


I have been cheerleading for about 10 years. I started my cheerleading career at Center High School doing sideline cheer. I also started coaching at that time working with the youth on sideline cheers and basic stunting. After high school, I continued on my cheerleading career at Dynasty Athletics where I cheered and coached competitive cheer simultaneously. At that time, I was also cheering voluntarily with Capital Cheer Elite to support the Sacramento community by raising funds through donations from cheer performances. Moving on from Capital Cheer Elite,  I have the pleasure of being a founding Program Director of Sacramento Cheer Elite where we provide a home for adults to continue their love for cheer while also raising money for the community. 

In addition to those roles, I have coached for COA Elite for 3 years where I have built a home and found a family. I love the bonds I was able to find here at COA and have continued to strive to be better as a coach and a person so that I can set an example for my athletes to follow. 


Jamal began his love for dance at the age of 10. Throughout his grade school years, he danced in the styles of Ballet, Tap, Jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and modern dance. After high school Jamal relocated to Chico, CA to obtain his undergraduate and Master’s Degrees. Along this journey, Jamal continued his passion for dance and became a member of Full Force Hip-Hop Company and Contemporary Company, Chico Creek Community Ballet, Chico State Dance Team (Expressions), and Chico Dance Group (Momentum). Through this time Jamal competed at dance worlds, Hip Hop internationals, Star bound Nationals, NRG Nationals, KAR Nationals, Hollywood Vibe Nationals, Monsters Convention, and Showstoppers Nationals. Through this journey, Jamal had the opportunity to work with and train under various choreographers such as Ashley Everett (Beyoncé’s Dance Captain), Chris Jones (actor and celebrity choreographer), Chris Thomas ( ABDC season 6 winner and choreographer), Blake Mcgrath, Nappytabs, and Travis Wall (SYTYCD choreographer).


My name is Janaya Lampley. I was born in Sacramento, CA. I’ve been dancing for 8 years. Dancing is a passion of mine. I love to branch out and teach kids the elements of dance and leave a mark on their path into dance. Three things I can say I am is; enthusiastic, outspoken, and courageous.


I’m Coach Juju. My passion for cheer and dance is tremendous. I started my career in cheer and dance at the age of 14 years old; starting at the very place I coach at now, Center of Attention Sacramento. From there, I started dancing and doing All Star cheer competitively which gave me a great opportunity to travel and opportunities to work with great dancers and choreographers.


I’m a 16-year-old Jr. Coach. I’ve loved dance all my life, my father introduced me to COA in 2020 and I never left. Back in 2022, I was titled Senior captain. I will be finishing until my senior year of high school and COA will be my forever home.


Hi my name is Torri Webb I have been cheering for 8 years, and I am very excited to be working for COA Elite to help kids progress and grow on their journey of becoming an athlete.


My name is Kaori and I am proud to be a part of the junior coaching staff here at COA Elite. With over 9 years of personal cheer experience and training, I understand the hard work that goes into learning new skills and use that knowledge to help encourage each athlete in my class to reach their full potential. In addition to coaching with COA Elite, for the past 2 years, I have had the opportunity to work with The COA Way coaching cheer camps throughout the state. I pride myself on teaching proper techniques while having fun. With a specialty in jump and beginning stunt classes, I am here to not only help your athlete gain new skills but also build confidence while fueling their passion for the sport that we all love. Come join me in our COA Rising Star Recreational Program, where stars are made.


Meet Branson Inman II, but in the streets and on the stage, he’s better known as Deuce. This 16-year-old phenom has been tearing up the dance floor since he was just nine. Deuce isn’t just any dancer; he’s a hip-hop powerhouse with additional training in tap, jazz, and contemporary, making him a versatile force in the dance world.

Deuce’s journey is one of fierce passion and dedication. He’s not just danced; he’s lived and breathed every beat and rhythm, leading him to compete on some of the most prestigious stages known to the dance world. From wowing crowds and judges as a semi-finalist on “America’s Got Talent” to snagging gold like it’s going out of style at the Hip Hop International USA Finals, and even shining on the global stage with medals of every shade at the Hip Hop International World Finals, Deuce has proven he’s not here to play—he’s here to slay.

But don’t think for a second that this kid is all about the medals and the spotlight. Deuce is the kind of guy who lights up a room not just with his moves, but with his infectious laughter and knack for cracking jokes. He’s got a heart of gold and a genuine eagerness to lift others up, sharing his love for dance to inspire and ignite a similar passion in those around him.

Balancing the grind of the dance world with school ain’t easy, but Deuce makes it look like a breeze, maintaining a solid 3.5+ GPA and even representing on the school’s EA Sports team. Yeah, you read that right—when he’s not busting moves, he’s scoring goals, both literally and metaphorically.

Signed to the prestigious Clear Talent Agency out of Los Angeles, Deuce is making waves as a professional dancer, but his feet remain firmly planted on the ground. His heritage might be a rich tapestry, but it’s his humble spirit, relentless drive, and killer dance moves that truly define him.

Branson “Deuce” Inman II isn’t just any dancer; he’s a young king of the dance world, ready to rule not by dominating the spotlight, but by sharing it. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and maybe even moved to dance. Because when Deuce hits the floor, it’s not just a performance; it’s a revolution.