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Our competitive dance program is designed to provide students with more opportunities to expand their passion for dance through jazz, hip-hop, ballet and contemporary classes. We focus on delivering a more in- depth dance education that emphasizes the importance of a strong technical foundation and continually builds on previous skills.

Students enrolled in our competitive program will learn from our professional staff as well as notable guest instructors working in the professional dance industry. Dancers will attend competitions where they will receive constructive feedback from respected judges on how they can improve their performance. The competitive dance structure helps students to build self-confidence and understand the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. We encourage our students to set and achieve their goals while instilling positive values of teamwork and commitment.

Interested in Season 7? Registration will start in January 2024!

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COA Elite’s competitive dance program offers athletes a well-rounded experience by participating in various genres and competitions. Athletes get the opportunity to showcase their skills at both studio and all-star competitions, gaining exposure to different styles and performance platforms. The program includes prestigious events like the USASF Dance Worlds, Dance Summit, and World of Dance, held in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Vegas. Competing locally also allows athletes to engage with their community and refine their performance abilities. Through these diverse competitions, COA Elite dancers develop versatility, resilience, and a deep appreciation for the art of dance.


COA Elite Performance/Limited Travel Team is an excellent opportunity for boys and girls ages 7-17 to dip their toes into the world of dance without the burden of an intense practice schedule and financial commitment. Unlike more intensive dance programs, COA Elite offers a schedule that strikes a balance between dance training and other important aspects of a child’s life, such as academics, hobbies, and family commitments. This allows young dancers to participate in dance classes and performances while still having ample time for other activities and responsibilities.


It is beyond exciting that the influences of HBCU-inspired Majorette Dance styles are taking root in California. Recently brought to the limelight from the popularity of the Lifetime TV show ‘Bring It’, more and more young dancers are taking interest in this genre of dance. COA Elite is home to the premiere majorette program of the Greater Sacramento Area. Our teams perform and compete locally and nationally.

Beyond the high energy entertainment value of what we see on TV, it is important to understand the training that goes into executing these jaw-dropping routines. A majorette dancer must cross-train in hip-hop, jazz, ballet, Afro-Caribbean dance styles just to name a few; not to mention the level of technique, flexibility, strength, and conditioning training they must do as well.

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