Facility Rental


COA Elite is the perfect space to host your next birthday party, baby shower, church meeting, or other private events! Our space is equipped with heat/air and just the right amount of open space to suite a variety of needs.

Pricing: $125 per hour

Damage Deposit $500
*Non-refundable if the event is canceled less than 30 days before the rental period

Step 1: Contact us Today to Confirm Date Availability and Complete the Rental Contract

Please reach out to admin@coaelite.com to verify availability if you have not received a response within 48 hours.

Step 2: Complete Facility Rental Booking

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This contract represents an agreement between COA Elite LLC (COA), and the “Renter” as named below. If the renter fails to uphold any of the following terms of this agreement, Renter’s gym privileges may be revoked.
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The COA facility space can be rented for rehearsals, classes, workshops, and other events/activities as agreed upon. The facility will be rented a month in advance with blocks of time as follows: one-hour increments (one-hour minimum). Paid rental time periods should include time for early arrival (if applicable) and setup/cleanup time. Space may be booked via website only. Space is not guaranteed until a deposit is made, and the Gym Rental Agreement has been completed and signed by the renter. 


Renters must pay 30 days in advance of each rental period. Renters MUST pay for all facility space before the time it is used. Payment MUST be made through our website. Renters will receive receipts if requested. Receipts will be e-mailed to the renter within one month of the payment. 

A refundable Damage Deposit of $500.00 is due upon signing this contract. The Damage Deposit will be returned once a walkthrough has been completed with a COA Staff Member and there is no damage to the gym facility, structures, and equipment, and any other conditions listed under the “Housekeeping” section of this contract.


Class Rate: $125.00/per hour(be sure to include time for setup/cleanup)

Booking: Regularly scheduled weekly classes must be confirmed a full month in advance. Payment is due prior to the first session of the month. All other classes, workshops, activities, and events must be confirmed at least two weeks in advance. Payment is due prior to the session.

Class Cancellation: Space may be canceled via email, or phone with ONE MONTH notice. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS if rental has not been canceled within the deadline. Coaches/Renters are encouraged to find substitute coaches/renters and keep the class operating consistently.


Note: Renters are solely responsible for providing their own participants and for marketing their own events, classes, and activities. COA will include your class or event on our website and/or on our social media if you provide us with the appropriate information. 


Boots, street shoes, spiked heels, and cleats are NOT ALLOWED on the dance floor or carpet mat. All street shoes MUST be removed upon entering the studio/facility. Soft-soled, non-marking, absolutely clean dance or athletic shoes are allowed on the dance floor and carpet mat. It is the responsibility of the renter to communicate this expectation to guests attending the event.

Hours and Occupancy: 

The studio will be available for rentals, on a space-available basis, during the following days and times: 

Monday – Friday and Sunday 6 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Saturday 6 a.m. – 11 p.m. 

Renters will not be permitted to hold an event if it conflicts with already established COA Elite LLC classes, practices, and activities. 

Renter will not hold, and will not permit, classes or events involving persons in a given space within the premises, or in the premises as a whole, in excess of the number of persons that are permitted by applicable fire and/or building codes in such space or in the premises as a whole, as applicable. In addition, if the class or event will not end by 10:00 p.m., or if it potentially will disturb other commercial tenants or residential residents (e.g., loud music or over 100 people), Renter will obtain COA pre-approval. COA will coordinate with the property manager. In any such case, advance notice of at least three (3) weeks will be given to COA by the Renter with any additional points to be discussed at that time. If applicable: 

  • The renter must provide security personnel. 
  • Renters must provide a copy of their banquet and/or liquor license if food and/or alcohol is to be served during a class or event. 
  • The renter may not charge for alcohol unless a DRAM SHOP insurance policy naming COA and property management company as additional insured has been obtained by the Renter and evidence of such insurance has been delivered to COA. 
  • The renter assumes all responsibility for the building during the gathering hours.


Absolutely no food or drinks are permitted on the mat unless there is a plastic tarp lining put down. The renter will be held financially liable for a cleaning fee if any food or drink stains are on the floor. 


No smoking anywhere inside the building. No incense or open flames of any sort. 


Props need to be constructed in such a way that they cause no damage to the cheer or dance floor. All props must have felt padding or protective covering on any part that rests on the floor.


Renters may NEVER leave any equipment, costumes, props, or personal belongings anywhere in the studio, hallway, or bathroom or inside the main gym.


Arrangements will be made for key delivery and return. 


Each renter assumes responsibility for the security of the space during each rental period. Renters with keys are required to return the space to a secure state upon leaving by powering down the sound system, locking the door, and ensuring that keys get returned timely. 


For any emergency situations including accidents, health crises, criminal activities, or fire, call 911. After emergency services have been called, COA Elite must be informed of the matter. Please contact (916) 826-2590. There is no phone available for personal use at the gym. It is advised to have a cell phone close at hand. 


Each renter will assume full responsibility for any stolen items or damage to any part of the gym, including but not limited to all entryways, facility/studio, bathroom, stereo equipment, floors/mats, windows, mirrors, walls, ceilings, front desk, lobby area, kitchenette area, and staff room sustained during the renter’s scheduled rental time in the gym. Each renter agrees to pay in full for the repair or replacement of any item or structure damaged by the renters or by performers, collaborators, students, or guests invited to COA by the renter. Renter understands that the damaged deposit of $500 will not be returned and will be responsible for any additional costs the deposit does not cover. Full payment for damage shall be made within 30 days of the damage. 


Each renter assumes liability for injury of any persons they invite to the space, including but not limited to: injury to students in the renter’s class, injury to performers or collaborators in the rehearsal, and injury to guests or audience members at a showing. 


Each renter assumes responsibility for returning the facility/studio to a good state before they leave. All lights, the heater, fans, and electrical equipment must be turned off. Trash and litter must be removed from the garbage cans inside the gym and placed in the garbage located in the parking lot. Please sweep if necessary and leave the facility/studio in the best possible condition for the next renter.


Renters will sign and submit this contract before using the COA facility. Renters will be informed of changes to rental policies.

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