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Cheerleading is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and was recently announced as a provisional sport in the upcoming Olympics! It distinguishes itself from traditional stereotypes because of the skill and athleticism required to be successful.

Teams focus on gymnastics, acrobatics, athletic dance and stunts – a true hybrid sport – cheerleading develops an athletes’ strength, flexibility, coordination, and stamina.

There’s a team for everyone! No experience? No problem! With competitive and recreational teams for males and females ages 4-18 years old, beginners to advanced, COA Elite has a team for you!

Interested in Season 7? Registration will start in January 2024!

Learn About Our PROGRAMS


Full-Year Elite Teams: These highly competitive teams are for athletes who are ready to continuously progress to the next level with set skill requirements. This program includes travel to multiple out-of-state events. Teams receiving bids to End of Season events such as The Summit, U.S. Finals, or The One will attend.


Full-Year Prep Teams: This Full-Year option has limited travel and will be restricted to the state of California and possibly Nevada. Prep teams will train at the same intensity as our Elite teams without the heavier travel requirements.


Full-Year Novice Teams: This option is perfect for the entry-level athlete and for families that would like to be a part of COA Elite but aren’t quite ready to commit at the elite level. Competitions will be limited to Northern California unless teams earn a bid to an End of the Year event in Southern California or Las Vegas, NV.


Mid-Season Prep Teams: This program runs from November through May. Mid-Season teams will compete locally and will possibly compete in a National Competition in Central/Southern California. This program is perfect for any athlete that is new to competitive cheer or participates in another Spring/Summer sport. Prep teams will receive the same award-winning coaching and choreography as our Elite teams for a fraction of the cost.

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